Ning's interview with CBC on "Ethical questions around neural implant technology"

Friday, June 11, 2021

We are excited to listen to Dr. Jiang's and Dr. Jennifer Boger's interview with Matt Galloway on this episode of The Current!

Here is an introduction on the CBCListen:

"What if an implant in your brain allowed you to just think of words in order to have them appear on a screen, instead of typing them out with your fingers? Scientists at Stanford University in California have achieved that in a test. It allowed a man with full-body paralysis to communicate using a neural implant, but some observers have raised ethical concerns about other ways the technology could be used. We talk to Ning Jiang, director of the Waterloo Engineering Bionics Lab at the University of Waterloo; and Jennifer Boger, director of the Intelligent Technologies for Wellness and Independent Living Lab, also at the University of Waterloo."