Mobile electrocardiography

Electrocardiogram, mHealth and eHealth

We are currently collaborating with a number industrial partners in developing mHealth and eHealth solutions to a number of different industrial sectors. To this end, all projects are center around the acquisition, processing and data-mining of ECG signals.

Working with Dynacare, we are developing a mobile ECG solution for Dynacare’s even increasing mobile ECG business. The project involves the application of signal processing techniques and development of algorithms to automatically detect and reject noise in the ECG signal such as contamination from electromyography (EMG) signals, as well as the identification of clinically significant features such as heart rate and ECG irregularities. This project is a joint project with researchers from the faculty of Applied Health Sciences, led by Prof. Helen Chen.

Working with HelpWear, we are developing a clinical-grade ECG solution that defies the convention of ECG acquisition and would allow clinical-grade ECG acquisition anytime, anywhere, with minimal intervention from clinical professional

Working with EXO Insights, we are developing a biometric system based on information extract from ECG. The system is to be integrated into EXO’s current VR professional training systems such that key human performance parameters can be identified in real-time, from which important insights of training efficacy can be estimated from various training programs spanning several industrial sectors, including but not limited to power generation, security training, and construction.

Students/research associates currently working on the ECG projects:

  • Jiayuan He

  • Nargess Heydari