Myoelectric control

MG signal processing and myoelectric control

Surface EMG signal (sEMG) is the electric manifestation of the activities of skeletal muscles, recorded at the surface of the skin. It is the direct and the most accessible method for the activities of the neuromuscular system. We develop new acquisition, processing and interpretation methods for EMG, from which novel human-machine interfaces can be established, such as individuals can control and interact with robots, computers, and AR/VR, without lifting a finger (literally!).

In particular, we are developing in affordable and intelligent prosthetic arms and exoskeletons to help people regain independence and function of their limbs. To this end, a spin-off company, Brink Bionics, is actively developing a novel intelligent upper-limb prosthesis. In addition, we are developing an ultra-fast human-computer interface based on sEMG, which will make keyboard and mouse obsolete. We are also developing an active biometric system based on sEMG.

Students/research associates currently working on the EMG projects:

  • Jiayuan He
  • Ashirbad Pradhan
  • Bharath Krishnan
  • Nargess Heydari