Discovering the World Through GIS

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Day is an international event where users of GIS are encouraged to open their doors and share how they use this technology.

GIS Day 2018 was held on Wednesday, November 14, 2018 at the Geospatial Centre in the Dana Porter Library. Thank you to all who participated.

See GIS Day agendas and photos from previous years.

Thank you to our generous sponsors for this year and from previous years!


1:00 - 1:30 pm

1:30 - 3:00 pm

Learning Lab - LIB 323

  • Welcome from GIS Day organizers
  • Lightning talks
    • Courtney Browne, Geospatial Club
    • Veronika Jorz, Investigating the benefits of user-contributed open aerial data
    • Colin Tuen Muk, Corina Kwok, 3D indoor/outdoor routing; SongSAT
    • Zheng Zhu, Generating social capital through a location-based mobile game
    • Brent Vanrooyen, Using GIS for historical street mapping in Kitchener
    • Zarin Khan, Scope of VGI for government: possibilities and challenge
    • Jane Harrigan, A new geographic naming system
    • Jaydeep Mistry, 3 Ways to Make a Map Worth Sharing (For Free)
    • Peter Deadman, Modelling coupled human and natural systems
    • Hunar Malik, Raghav Sethi, GIS / Beyond mapping
  • GP481 Group Project Presentations
    • Active Transportation in Toronto- A Web App : presented by Mackenzie Huber, Sophia Swystun, Sze Wan Wong, and Amy Wong

    • Optimizing the Air Quality Monitoring Network in Southern Ontario : presented by Renan Cai, Yue Peng, Jiayun Xin, and Zidong Yu

    • Determining the Socio-Ecological Impacts on Indigenous Communities from Potential Oil Spillage form the Trans Mountain Pipeline Expansion: presented by Sheryl Chau, Mykhaylo Kuzma, Rohit Verma and Tong Wu

    • Shopping Centre Location-Allocation in Halton region: Using a GWR Predication Model: presented by HaoRan Huang, Zixin Tang, Wei Wang, and Lingfei Ye

    • Multi-Criteria Assessment of Main Roads in Toronto¬† for Private Vehicles: presented by Chen Xian Lin, Zihao Liu, Tianyu Ren, Lingyun Wang

    • Identification of potential factors influencing police-reported crime rates in Toronto: presented by Huishi Feng, Tommy Gui, Chen Kai Jin, Chenhui Liu