1:00 - 1:30 pm

1:30 - 3:00 pm

  • Welcome from GIS Day organizers
    • Lightning talks
      • Arctic Field School & Drainage Patterns of Griffith Island, Nunavut, Canada, Jacquelyne Wintermeyer
      • Spatial analysis of the interrelation between the hydrological features of permafrost region and geographical boundaries, Shaghayegh Akbarpour

      • SMART App, Jaydeep Mistry
      • Using PPGIS to inform Heritage Planning in Stratford, Manpreet Singh Chahal
      • An Overview of Machine Learning in GIS, Misha Kusma
      • Development of a Mode Choice Model for the Region of Waterloo, Gursimran Saini

    • GP481 Group Project Presentations
      • An MCE analysis on optimal LRT Expansion in the Waterloo Region, Lawrence Li, Et al.
      • Spatiotemporal Crime Forecasting, Wei Yu Wang, Et al.
      • Livability Analysis for Neighbourhoods in Toronto through Web-GIS, Yuefan Ding, Et al.

      • Living Analysis and Assessment in Region of Waterloo, Aaron Tang, Et al.

      • Caribou in Our Changing Climate, Bonnie Gao, Et al.

      • Estimating Physical and Social Suitability for PV Energy in Sub-Regions of Waterloo, Nick Bedard, Et al.