Our Facilities

We have two laboratory testing rooms. Each contains the identical hardware and software for recording of Electroencephalogram (EEG) data.

Itier Research Lab

The Itier testing room is actually a room within a room. The researcher area (shown on the left above) contains all the stimulus PC and recording PCs for running studies. The inner room, where the participant sits (shown on the right above), is called a Faraday Cage and is designed to block electronic signals from entering the testing area. This is important as the electrodes are very sensitive to any electronic signal. In addition to the EEG system, the Itier lab is also equipped with an EyeLink eye tracking system, allowing the co-recording of EEG and eye tracking data.

Fugelsang Research Lab

The Fugelsang lab is a much simpler testing environment. Here we use wood as much as possible, again to help shield our electrodes from noise which could be transmitted by metal tables.