Future undergraduate students

In this talk, IQC alum Ben Criger lays out how we think about fault-tolerant quantum computing at Quantinuum, and how the commercial perspective changes our beliefs and priorities with respect to performing accurate quantum computations.

The Institute for Quantum Computing (IQC) alum Galit Anikeeva will talk about her research since IQC, at Stanford, MIT, and beyond - at first focusing on quantum error correction, and then most recently on tentative connections between chaos and Hamiltonian simulation.

Come join us on June 20th to celebrate National Indigenous Peoples Day! We will have a ceremonial fire and Knowledge Keeper Myeengun Henry will be providing a teaching on the Eagle Feather and it’s significance. We will then restore our ceremonial grounds by laying gravel; to follow we will be planting Tobacco.

Jordan Williams White Eye is a passionate and dedicated Father from Bkejwanong First Nation. He is an Anishinaabe (Ojibway, Pottawatomi and Lenape) Spiritual Advisor, Knowledge Keeper, Pipe Carrier and Sweat Lodge Conductor, and he is the Caretaker/Leader of the Anishinaabe Thunderbird Sundance of Ontario. 

Through songs, stories, film, photos and music videos, NOMAD will take you on the journey of the Canadian Inuit over the last several thousand years shedding light on some of the psychological and cultural impacts of rapid change in the North.

As part of the Water Institute's Webinar Series: The Value of Water in Canada, Marian Weber, Chief Environmental Economist and Unit Head, BC Ministry of Environment and Climate Change Strategies presents: Water ecosystem service valuation for watershed security – information gaps and policy needs.

WCGS welcomes visiting researcher Georg Marschnig (Universität Graz) on Tuesday, June 28, 2022 for a lecture and workshop on his work. Join us in HH 373 for his lecture, the workshop, or both!

The Problem Lab presents an information session on the concept of the triple bottom line. A panel of speakers and subject matter experts will speak about the importance of social and environmental considerations that companies can build into their organizations.

A user-centric approach will ensure you build a product that your customers will love. In this session, hosted by Matt Neill (a Concept Coach and Product Designer at Faire), you will learn how to translate user insights into actionable steps that solve problems for your customers!

Stakeholder/customer interviews, when done properly, can help you learn insights that you would not otherwise know. In this workshop, Lynn Haddrall, Journalism Instructor at Conestoga College, will discuss the mentality and technique of conducting effective stakeholder interviews. You will learn how to approach and get the most out of stakeholders and customers through better interviews.