Balinese Gamelan Ensemble Fall 2021 End of Term Concert

Thursday, December 9, 2021 7:00 pm - 7:00 pm EST

Balinese gamelan
Please join us for a joint online concert with the University of Waterloo Balinese Gamelan Ensemble and the Grebel Community Gamelan.  The video premiere will be released on Thursday, December 9 at 7pm, and will be posted on the Music Events website.
The Balinese Gamelan Ensemble is directed by Dewa Suparta, a musician, composer, and teacher from Bali, Indonesia.  Dewa Suparta is our Artist-in-Residence and has been at Conrad Grebel since 2014.

The Community Gamelan is open to Faculty, staff, and community members from the Kitchener Waterloo area.  See webpage for further details.  

Pieces include the following:

Gilak Traditional piece (student gamelan)

Tabuh Pisan Traditional (student gamelan) 

Brayut (Gender Wayang)

Sekar Sungsang (Gender Wayang)

Paruman (community gamelan)