About the Lecture

Conrad Grebel University College is pleased to host Rev. Dr. Ray Aldred as the 2024 Sawatsky Visiting Scholar.

Is Reconciliation Possible?

How do you find reconciliation when justice is so far away? For individuals who have experienced oppression and marginalization, the church’s advocacy of reconciliation can seem artificial or contrived. How do you continue to advocate for reconciliation if it means that you will never see justice for the ones you have lost? Perhaps the only way forward is to listen to our elders, to the call from those who have suffered and are surviving, to seek reconciliation. Perhaps we need to seek the truth, but in the end, embrace reconciliation and try to live together as neighbours. Reconciliation is not cheap grace, it cost something.

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Rev. Dr. Ray Aldred

Director of The Indigenous Studies Program at the Vancouver School of Theology

Reverend Doctor Ray Aldred is Director of the Indigenous Studies Program at the Vancouver School of Theology, whose mission is to partner with the Indigenous Church around theological education. He was first ordained with the Christian and Missionary Alliance in Canada and is now ordained with the Anglican Church of Canada. A husband, father, and grandfather, Ray is Cree from Treaty 8, born in Northern Alberta, and now lives in Richmond, BC.

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