About the Fairness at Work Lab

Our lab group investigates fairness (justice) in the workplace. What makes people feel that their workplace is unfair, and how can workplaces be more fair? What makes some people better able to cope with unfairness? How can we rebuild relationships following conflict? Why are some leaders fairer than others?

We conduct both in-lab and field studies to examine questions such as these. We adopt a social-cognitive psychological approach to our research, investigating both situational and individual factors that interact to affect fairness-related processes in the workplace. Overall, our lab’s research aims to better understand how and why fairness affects people, with the ultimate goal of helping to create more effective and functional workplaces.

  1. Apr. 30, 2021Virtual Conferences
    • Amy Barron will her present research on gender bias in a student symposium at CPA (June, 2021)
    • Igor Mitrovic will present his research on perceptions of discrimination at CPA (June, 2021)
    • Midori Nishioka will present her research on how people judge the credibility of claims of unfairness at the International Society for Justice Research (ISJR, July, 2021)
    • Former PhD student Justin Brienza (now on faculty at University of Queensland) and Anna Dorfman (post-doc in social psych at UW) will present research the gender wage gap at ISJR (July, 2021)
  2. Apr. 30, 2021Student degrees and new jobs!
    • Frank Mu defended his PhD in October 2020. He accepted a full-time research position in industry, as Assessment Research Manager at CodeSignal.

    • Lauren Holt, who completed her MASc in Fall 2020, accepted a full-time position as Consultant, People & Change, in Management Consulting at KPMG.

  3. Dec. 31, 2020New publications - Congratulations!
    Clinical area graduate student Nicole Gevaux and BA student Siann Gault had a paper accepted. This project with my colleague Liz Nilsen (Clinical) which examines how children make sense of unfairness (see Gevaux, Nilsen, Bobocel, & Gault, under publications)
    Graduate student Lauren Holt and BSc student Valerie Chen had a paper accepted. This 3-study project examines how to promote fairness by managers who are delivering negative news. (See Holt, Bobocel, & Chen, under publications)
    Ramona was invited to write a review of current directions in research on justice in the workplace, to be featured in a special issue on IO Psychology in Canada (see Bobocel, under publications)
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