About the Fairness at Work Lab

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Our lab group investigates fairness (justice) in the workplace. What makes people feel that their workplace is unfair, and how can workplaces be more fair? What makes some people better able to cope with unfairness? How can we rebuild relationships following conflict? Why are some leaders fairer than others?

We conduct both in-lab and field studies to examine questions such as these. We adopt a social-cognitive psychological approach to our research, investigating both situational and individual factors that interact to affect fairness-related processes in the workplace. Overall, our lab’s research aims to better understand how and why fairness affects people, with the ultimate goal of helping to create more effective and functional workplaces.


Monday, June 3, 2024


  • Amy Barron presented her research at the annual meeting of the Society for I/O Psychology in April 2024 (Chicago).
  • Taylor Carrol, Amy Barron, and Iris Xing will each present their research projects at the annual convention of the Canadian Psychological Association in June 2024 (Ottawa).
  • Iris Xing won a Graduate Scholarship from SSHRC to fund her Master’s degree
  • Midori Nishioka defended her PhD in Fall of 2022 and accepted a full-time position as a senior behavioural scientist at Social Machines
  • Frank Mu (PhD 2020) accepted a new position as Manager of People Analytics at CI Financial
  • Ramona was named a Fellow of the Society for I/O Psychology of the American Psychological Association for her scholarly work and other contributions to the profession
  • Harshadaa Deshpande completed her MASc in August 2023
  • Muriel Tang completed her MASc in August 2022, and accepted a full-time position as Consultant, People & Change at KPMG
  • Frank Mu defended his PhD in October 2020. He accepted a full-time research position in industry, as Assessment Research Manager at CodeSignal
  • Lauren Holt completed her MASc in Fall 2020 and accepted a full-time position as Consultant, People & Change, in Management Consulting at KPMG