Alumni Graduates and Associates

Sunpun Pieris

Supun Pieris - PhD (2023)

TPhD hesis: Aerodynamics of finite-span inclined flat plates in ground proximity.

Co-supervised by Prof. S.D. Peterson

MASc Thesis (2017): Experimental investigation of a normally impinging planar jet.

kaycee okoye

Kaycee Okoye MASc (2021-2023)

Thesis: Breakup of a surface-mounted droplet by an impinging jet flow.

Co-supervised by Prof. S.D. Peterson

Yash Shah

Yash Shah - PhD (2021)

Thesis: Effect of polymer additives on transitioning and turbulent boundary layers.

Qikai (Kieran) Qin

Qikai (Kieran) Qin - visiting PhD (2020-2021)

Thesis: Investigation of junction flow dynamics.

caddie zhang

Xueqing (Caddie) Zhang - PhD (2021)

Thesis: Interaction of a water droplet on a solid surface with an impinging air jet.

Co-supervised by Prof. S.D. Peterson

John Kurelek

John Kurelek - PhD (2020)

Thesis: Three-dimensional aspects of boundary layer separation and separated shear layer transition.

Co-supervised by Prof. M. Kotsonis (TU Delft)

MASc Thesis (2016): Transition in a laminar separation bubble and the effect of acoustic excitation

Jeff McClure

Jeff McClure - PhD candidate (2015 - 2019)

PhD Thesis: Pressure and loads estimation from particle image velocimetry.

MASc Thesis (2015): On the Planar Flow Development and Structual Loading of Cylinders with Circular Fins in Cross-Flow.

Dallyn Wynnychuk

Dallyn Wynnychuk - MASc (2019)

Thesis: Application of infrared imaging to flow measurements on airfoils.

Qihang Yuan

Qihang Yuan - visiting PhD (2018 - 2019)

Project: Flow over slender bodies at an incident.

Amit Dutta

Amitvikram (Amit) Dutta - MASc (2019)

Thesis: Compbined experimental and numerical analysis of confined jets.

Co-supervised by Prof. J.P. Hickey

Burak Tuna

Burak Ahmet Tuna - Postdoc (2016 - 2019)

Effect of turbulence intensity on liquid film evaporation in developing channel flows.

Co-supervised by Prof. X. Li

Erik Marble

Erik Marble - MASc (2018)

Thesis: Structural response and wake vortex dynamics of cylindrical structures undergoing VIV with elliptic trajectories.

Co-supervised by Prof. C. Morton (U of Calgary)

Mark Istvan

Mark Istvan - MASc (2017)

Thesis: Effect of free stream turbulence on laminar separation bubble.

Theo Michelis

Theo Michelis - PhD (2017)

Thesis: Boundary layer separation: diagnostics and control.

Co-supervised by Prof. M. Kotsonis

Laura Haya

Laura Haya - Postdoc (2016 - 2017)

Dynamics of surface deposited droplets in shear flows

Co-supervised by Prof. S.D. Peterson

Sahil Mahey

Sahil Mahey - MASc (2017)

Thesis: Flow induced vibrations of foreign objects in heat exchangers.

Eugene Zivkov

Eugene Zivkov - Research assistant (2017)

Project: Interaction of vortices with flexible structures in energy harvesting systems.

Co-supervised by prof. S.D. Peterson

Stefan Probsting

Stefan Pröbsting - Postdoc (2016)

Tonal noise production and feedback effect on airfoils in low Reynolds number flows.

Co-supervised by Prof. S. Moreau (U de Sherbrooke)

PhD Thesis (2015, TU Delft): Airfoil self-noise

Andrew Lambert

Andrew Lambert - MASc (2015)

Thesis: Experimental investigation of coherent structures in laminar separation bubbles.

Christopher Morton

Christopher Morton - PhD (2014)

PhD thesis: Experimental and numerical research of flow development over complex cylindrical geometries in engineering applications.

MASc thesis (2010): Experimental and numerical investigations of the flow development over cylinders with stepwise discontinuities in diameter.

Manpreet Bansal

Manpreet Bansal - MASc (2014)

Thesis: Experimental and numerical investigation of flows in tube bundles.

Sina Rafati

Sina Rafati - MASc (2014)

Thesis: Investigation of step cylinder turbulent wake development using TOMO PIV.

Co-supervised by Prof. F. Scarano (TU Delft)

Holly Neatby

Holly Neatby - MASc (2014)

Thesis: Experimental evaluation of flow-measurement-based
drag estimation methods.

Thomas Kirk

Thomas Kirk - MASc (2014)

Thesis: The later stages of transition over a NACA 0018 airfoil at a low Reynolds number.

Bulent Yaniktepe

Bülent Yaniktepe - visiting professor (2013)

Michael Boutilier

Michael Boutilier - MASc (2011)

Thesis: Experimental investigation of transition over a NACA 0018 airfoil at a low Reynolds number.

Sina Kheirkhah

Sina Kheirkhah - MASc (2011)

Thesis: Vortex-induced vibrations of a pivoted circular cylinder and their control using a tuned-mass damper.

Co-supervised by Prof. S. Narasimhan

Richard Lourenco

Richard Lourenco - MASc (2011)

Thesis: Design, construction, and testing of an adaptive pendulum tuned mass damper.

Co-supervised by Prof. S. Narasimhan

Ryan Gerakopulos

Ryan Gerakopulos - MASc (2011)

Thesis: Investigating flow over an airfoil at low Reynolds numbers using novel time-resolved surface pressure measurements.

Sebastian Goodfellow

Sebastian Goodfellow - MASc (2010)

Thesis: Active flow control using synthetic jet actuation.

Co-supervised by Prof. P.E. Sullivan (U of T)

Michael Bishop

Michael Bishop - MASc (2010)

Thesis : Experimental investigation of the effect of wall adaptation on flow over a cylinder in a modernized adaptive-wall wind tunnel.

Ignacio Carvajal Mariscal

Ignacio Carvajal Mariscal - visiting professor (2008 - 2009)

Thesis: The later stages of transition over a NACA 0018 airfoil at a low Reynolds number.