Nafiseh Nafissi

Postdoctoral fellow

Nafiseh Nafissi wearing lab coat infront of UPLC

Nafiseh graduated with an HBSc in Cell and Molecular Biology with a specialization in Microbiology from Azad North-Tehran University, Iran. She worked for 5 years at Pasteur Institute of Iran, in the departments of Molecular Medicine and Medical Biotechnology as a research scientist. In 2009, she completed her MSc in Biology from University of Waterloo and investigated the effects of obesity on the progression of colon cancer and liver disease by checking the apoptotic genes expression levels in rat model of obesity.In 2013, she received PhD in Pharmacy from University of Waterloo and shortly after joined the Foldvari Group. Her PhD project was a patented project focused on construction and development of a robust in vivo technology for production of superior DNA vectors with applications in gene therapy and vaccine development. Nafiseh is now a Post-doctoral Research Fellow at Foldvari group and her work focuses on nanomedicine-mediated cell therapy for retinal diseases. The study aims to permanently modify retinal progenitor cells ex-vivo to regenerate lost cells in the retina.