Research opportunity

Professor Jonathan Li has supervised over 50 masters/doctoral students and postdoc fellows/visiting scholars throughout his career at the universities of Regina, Ryerson and Waterloo in the areas of mobile mapping, environmental monitoring and modeling, urban sprawl measuring and understanding.

We are always looking for enthusiastic, self-motivated, and technically skilled students and scholars with a strong background in geomatics, computer science and engineering, mathematics and statistics, geography and geoscience, environmental science and engineering to work in our lab towards a MSc or a PhD degree at the University of Waterloo. Most people who work with our lab have experience in some combination of remotely sensed data processing, 3D geospatial modeling, machine learning, and geographical information system (GIS). The multi-disciplinary foundations of our research are photogrammetry and remote sensing, computer vision and image processing, geographical information sciences, and environmental engineering. Please browse our website and read some of our publications to decide whether your interests align with ours.

Prospective graduate students

Graduate students working at the Mobile Mapping Lab are enrolled through Joint Program in Geography which is a partnership between the Department of Geography and Environmental Management at the University of Waterloo and the Department of Geography and Environmental Studies at Wilfrid Laurier University. If you wish to conduct research through our lab or request that Professor Jonathan Li serve as your supervisor, please email him your CV and a brief statement of your research interests and intended contributions to the lab.

International visiting scholars

Our lab also hosts visiting scholars or postdoc fellows from universities around the world, usually for periods of six months or twelve months. We require visiting scholars and postdoc fellows to possess external financial support. If you are interested in hosting opportunities, please email Professor Jonathan Li with your CV, a brief research plan, a certificate of the awarded scholarship or fellowship, and your anticipated contributions to our lab. We are happy to explore new opportunities to collaborate with international scholars and consider hosting visitors in our lab. We receive many requests than our lab can support and prioritize collaborations that are best suited to our current projects and areas of expertise.