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Jonathan Li

Professor and Head of the Lab

Research interests: Mobile laser scanning, HD mapping, point cloud processing, machine learning, environmental monitoring; autonomous driving; geospatial intelligence.

Shene Abba

MES Candidate

Research Interests: Energy Efficiency; Geospatial Analysis; Thermal Drone Inspections; Mobile Laser Scanning; UAV Technology; Deep Learning; Point Cloud Analysis; Sustainability and Resource Optimization


Research interests: Airborne and vehicle-borne imaging and ranging data processing, road surface monitoring using smartphone sensors, mobile LiADR systems for transportation infrastructure inventory.

Nan (Nancy) Chen

PhD Candidate

Research interests: Satellite imagery super-resolution reconstruction; Depth image super-resolution reconstruction; Spatio-spectral fusion of satellite image; Spatio-temporal fusion of satellite image; Artificial Intelligence in Remote Sensing.

Hongjie He

PhD Candidate

Research interest: Land use/land cover change; Regional environment change; Image classification; Data analysis; Secondary development of ENVI; 3D modelling and spatial analysis.

Yvana (Ying) Li

PhD Candidate

Research interests: Traffic Sign Detection and Recognition; Mobile Laser Scanning; Point Cloud Processing; Autonomous Driving; Geometric and Semantic Modelling; Augmented Reality.

Received PhD degree in 2021. Now Assistant Professor with Beijing University of Technology, Beijing, China.

Maggie (Ming) Liu

PhD Candidate

Research interests: Environmental health; quantitative Earth observations; machine learning; change detection.

Received PhD degree in 2020. Now Assistant Professor at Changan University, Xian, China.

Wei Liu

Visiting Scholar

Research interests: Computer vision; machine learning; vehicle fine-grained recognition; vehicle identificaiton

Completed his visit in 2020. Now Associate Professor at East China Jiaotong University, Nanchang, China.

Yan Liu

Visiting Scholar

Research interests: Information processing; Network data transmission; Machine Learning.

Completed her visit and now Associate Professor at China University of Geosciences, Beijing, China.

Zihao Liu

MEng Candidate

Research interests: Geographic information systems & Spatial analysis; laser scanning; autonomous driving; Changing metropolitan regions with respect to land-use.

Received MEng Degree in Systems Design Engineering in 2021. Now Software Development Engineer at Amazon Canada, Toronto, Ontario.

Lingfei Ma

PhD Candidate

Research interests: Autonomous driving; mobile laser scanning; intelligent processing of point clouds; 3D scene modelling and augmented reality.

Received PhD degree in 2020. Now Assistant Professor at the Central University of Finance and Economics, Beijing, China.

Nannan Qin

Postdoctoral Fellow

Research interests: DEM extraction; Object detection; 3D reconstruction from mobile mapping data.

Completed his Postdoc Fellowship in 2020. Now Research Assistant Professor at Purple Mountain Observatory, CAS, Nanjing, China.

Awase Syed

Research Scientist

Research interests: Geospatial data science; geographic information systems (GIS); artificial intelligence, geospatial information and communications technology (GeoICT)

Lisa Tang

MA in Geography (Water) Candidate

Research interests: Remote sensing, Machine learning, Point cloud processing, Earth observation of environmental pollution and land cover changes

Shunde Yin

Associate Professor

Research interests: Coupled thermal, hydraulic, mechanical, and chemical processes; In-situ stress characterization, surveillance and manipulation; Applied remote sensing for detecting, monitoring, and analyzing surface subsidence and ground deformation, and the distribution of geothermal energy resources.

Kun Zhao

Visiting PhD Student

Research interests: Autonomous driving; Deep learning; Intelligent processing of point clouds; Multi-sensors fusion; 3D vehicle detection

Completed his visit in 2021.