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Postdoc LinkedIn group

All current and incoming University of Waterloo postdocs are invited to join the University of Waterloo Postdoc LinkedIn group. The group is a space for current and incoming postdocs to interact with one another, which can include, but is not limited to:

  • Making social connections and arranging for social events
  • Asking for/sharing advice about living in the Waterloo Region or being a postdoc at UWaterloo
  • Sharing about events, opportunities, articles or resources that may be of interest to other postdocs
  • Anything else you might want to discuss with other postdocs!

The group is promoted and organized by Graduate Studies and Postdoctoral Affairs (GSPA) at the University of Waterloo, but member posts do not require moderation or approval (please see group rules for more information). Any University run events will be communicated through official channels (e.g. UWaterloo email listserv, postdoc e-news).

Below you will find the group rules, information on how to join, and tips for creating a professional LinkedIn profile.

Postdoc LinkedIn group rules

Please note that member posts do not require moderation or approval before they are made public. As such, all members are asked to abide by the following group rules, to ensure that the group remains a safe and welcoming space for all members:

  1. Respect each other: We have a zero-tolerance policy for harassment, discrimination, hate speech, or any form of behavior that makes others feel uncomfortable. Be kind, respectful, and supportive of each other.
  2. Keep it social, but professional: This group is organized by the University of Waterloo, a professional organization, and we want discussions to reflect this. Please avoid sharing inappropriate content.
  3. Use appropriate language: Keep your language clean and appropriate. This group is open to members who come from all around the world, and we want everyone to feel comfortable and respected.
  4. Follow group admin instructions: Our group administrators are here to ensure everyone feels comfortable and safe in the group. If a group administrator asks you to stop doing something, please listen and follow their instructions.
  5. Use your real name: Please ensure you use your real name on your LinkedIn profile. For tips to create a professional LinkedIn profile to support your professional networking and job search, please visit our website
  6. Respect privacy: Members should respect each other's privacy and not share another postdoc’s personal information without consent. Do not share full names, addresses, phone numbers, social media handles, or other personal information without explicit permission.
  7. Confidentiality: If members discuss sensitive or confidential information, it's important to keep it confidential and not share it outside of the group. Unauthorized sharing of confidential information is strictly prohibited.
  8. Avoid providing immigration guidance or advice: Members are encouraged to share advice from their experiences; however, we ask that members refrain from providing advice or guidance regarding immigration matters, as they can be nuanced and there are many legal implications. If you have immigration questions or concerns, please review the resources on our webpage.
  9. Please avoid discussing human resources (HR) related members: HR matters can be sensitive and diverse, as such, we ask that members refrain from discussions regarding HR matters. If you have questions related to an HR matter, please reach out to HR Help ( or the Postdoctoral Affairs team ( in GSPA for support.

Consequences: Any post that does not follow these rules will be deleted. For members who do not follow these rules, there will be a single warning for the first offense. If a member violates the rules for the second time, they will be banned from the group.

Membership: This group is a space for current and incoming postdocs, as such, approximately once per year staff will review the group membership and remove those who are no longer University of Waterloo postdocs.

How to Join

Any current postdoc at the University of Waterloo is eligible to join the group, as well as incoming postdocs who have already received an offer. If this applies to you, please follow these steps to join the group:

  1. Set up your LinkedIn profile, including the following recommended details if you are already working as a postdoc:
    1. Set your employer to “University of Waterloo” or “UWaterloo”
    2. Set your job title to one of the following: Postdoctoral Researcher, Postdoctoral Scholar, Postdoctoral Fellow
  2. Click on the following link to access the LinkedIn group:
    1. Note: The LinkedIn group is “unlisted”, meaning it will not show up in searches on LinkedIn, or on you LinkedIn profile, and you will need to use the direct link provided.
  3. Click “Request to join”.
  4. Wait to be accepted!
    1. If you have set your employer and job title as recommended above, you should be automatically approved and added to the group.
    2. If your request is not automatically approved, your request will be sent to GSPA staff for review. GSPA staff aim to review and respond to all requests to join within two business days. Please note that we may message you to request information about your current or upcoming postdoc position before admitting you to the group. 

Create a professional LinkedIn profile

Whether you’re starting your LinkedIn profile from scratch, dusting off a profile you had forgotten about, or making a few tweaks to update your profile with your new postdoc position, there are many resources to support you! Here are a few highlighted resources:

  • Review the asynchronous, online Articulate your Brand (UWaterloo login required) workshop by the Centre for Career Action Graduate and Postdoc Career Advisors.
  • Book a one-on-one appointment to work through your LinkedIn profile with a Graduate and Postdoc Career Advisor, or get “bite-sized” advice at a drop-in appointment, both booked through WaterlooWorks (UWaterloo login required).
  • If you are an incoming postdoc and don’t yet have access to UWaterloo systems, our Career Advisors recommend reviewing the article “The Secret to Building a LinkedIn Profile That Gets Results”.