Zoom now available for University of Waterloo employees and students

Friday, July 23, 2021

What is happening? The campus-wide Zoom license is now available for employees and students; pro/educational licenses are available for employees and graduate students, and basic licenses are available for undergraduate students.

  • IST is continuing to migrate existing University of Waterloo Zoom users to the campus-wide license.
  • The integration of Zoom with LEARN is currently underway and is expected to be complete during the first week of August.

If you do not have an existing Zoom account: Faculty, staff, and students can create an account by going to https://uwaterloo.zoom.us, clicking Sign In, and logging in with their username@uwaterloo.ca credentials.

If you have an existing Zoom account: Migrate your account to the campus-wide license using the steps below.

  1. If your Zoom account username is in the form of username@uwaterloo.ca go to the next step.
    If your Zoom login is not in the form of username@uwaterloo.ca, you need to log in to Zoom and update the username on your account so that it is in the form of username@uwaterloo.ca.
  2. Go to https://uwaterloo.zoom.us and click 'Sign In'. Enter your username@uwaterloo.ca login credentials. The first time you login, you will be asked to migrate your existing account. Follow the prompts to migrate your account.
  3. If you have a paid Zoom account, Zoom will update your account balance and you can request a refund by calling Zoom Support: +1.888.799.9666 ext 2.


  • The ability to log in with Zoom credentials will be disabled at a later date and users will be required to log in with their University of Waterloo credentials.
  • To optimize the reimbursement of your remaining account balance, it is recommended that you create or migrate your Zoom account as soon as possible. If you have an upcoming Zoom event, you can create or migrate your Zoom account at your convenience after the event date.

Additional resources

Questions or concerns? Please contact any member of the Health Computing Office or email hlthcomputing@uwaterloo.ca.

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