Welcome to the Hug Research Group

Our group is focused on the diversity and function of microbial communities in contaminated sites. We study these environments, asking questions: how do organisms adapt to the harsh conditions at contaminated sites? How and when did the ability to degrade a man-made product evolve? Can we use that ability for remediation? In what ways are microbial communities more than the sum of their parts, and how do these microbial interactions drive global cycles? We strive to answer these questions using a mixture of total community approaches (metagenomics and other ‘omics), bioinformatics, and wet-lab microbiology techniques.

We are always happy to hear from talented, self-motivated students with solid communication skills and an interest in environmental microbiology. If you are interested in joining our group, please read the Department of Biology graduate program information and contact Dr. Hug.

  1. Apr. 20, 2016A new view of the tree of life highlighted internationally.Stylized version of the tree of life presented in Hug et al. (2016) Nature Microbiology

    Dr. Hug’s latest paper, “A new view of the tree of life”, was published in Nature Microbiology on April 11th. This work was done at the University of California Berkeley with Dr.

  2. Jan. 11, 2016Dr. Hug welcomed to the University of Waterloo’s Department of BiologyLaura Hug

    The Department of Biology blog featured a warm welcome for Dr. Hug upon her arrival to the department. 

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