Working Group 2

Objectives and deliverables

Objective: Advance standardized measurement systems and tools (indicators) that can also be used to identify mitigation opportunities and further social equity.


  • New indicators related to transportation, carbon sinks, social equity, and green economy;
  • Measurable GHG emissions and social sustainability indicators for reporting tool.

Working Group members

Project co-chair: Megan Meaney,  ICLEI Canada 

Academic co-chair: Dr. Jeffrey Wilson, University of Waterloo

Academic researcher: Dr. Georges Tanguay, Université du Québec à Montréal

Academic researcher: Dr. Alison Shaw, Simon Fraser University Action on Climate Team

Academic researcher: Dr. Amelia Clarke, University of Waterloo

Municipal representative: Jamie Skimming, City of London

Municipal representative: Olimpia Pantelimon, Ville de Gatineau