To mark its 50th anniversary, Waterloo’s Federation of Students is taking the opportunity to celebrate the accomplishments that this student union has achieved over its half-century history.

From controversial student referendums to heated sit-ins, tense board meetings to lively special events and concerts, Feds has seen its share of noteworthy moments since its incorporation on April 27, 1967.

Crowd of students sitting at the Student Life Center

Feds has been on a path of constant growth and development and is now one of the top student unions in Canada, providing student support with volunteer and leadership positions, part-time job opportunities and discounted services. With a dedicated team of staff and volunteers, Feds enriches the student experience through a variety of initiatives including UPASS, Student Health and Dental Plan, Student Advocacy and Representation, Clubs and Services, Orientation Week, and the operation of the Student Life Centre.

Feds Welcome Week carnival

As we move into our 50th year, join us in celebrating our history and commitment “to serve, empower and represent the Undergraduate Students of the University of Waterloo.” We look forward to continuing to uphold this commitment over the next 50 years.