Comprised of staff, faculty, students, alumni and retirees, the jury has responsibility for reviewing stage two and three submissions from the student design teams.

The Jury will be the sole authority to select the proposals that will advance to stage three, as well as to rank the winning proposals at the end of the challenge. These decisions will be based on their expertise, the work submitted by challenge registrants, and evaluation criteria established by the Committee.  The co-chairs of the Steering Committee act as non-voting members of the jury. 

  • Tony Frost, Associate Vice President, Marketing & Strategic Initiatives
  • Rick Haldenby, Professor and former Director, School of Architecture
  • Rob Hunsperger, Director, Design & Construction Services, Plant Operations
  • Bill Chesney, Associate Dean, Undergraduate Students, Associate Professor, Faculty of Arts
  • Lynn Judge, University of Waterloo Retiree Association
  • Reema Masri, Masri O Architects, community member
  • Lianna Seebach, incoming first year student, Faculty of Applied Health Sciences
  • Mat Thijssen, University of Waterloo Sustainability Coordinator