Steering committee

The Steering committee will:

  • provide leadership and vision for the development of the legacy project
  • provide regular updates to Executive Council
  • advise on a comprehensive campus engagement strategy and ongoing communications to campus throughout the life of the project, ensuring transparency and momentum amongst all University of Waterloo stakeholders
  • act as champions to ensure widespread engagement, leveraging the legacy project throughout the year as an opportunity for pride building during the 60th anniversary
  • select a jury comprised of internal and external constituents
  • draw on and respond to campus feedback as appropriate
  • solicit external feedback as appropriate


  • Jeff Casello, Co-Chair
  • Peggy Jarvie, Co-Chair
  • AJ Wray, Undergraduate student representative
  • Ioana Dragon, Undergraduate student representative
  • Sean Maciel, Graduate student representative
  • Karen Hammond, School of Planning, faculty representative
  • Tina Roberts, Marketing & Undergraduate Recruitment
  • Kristen Leal, Staff representative
  • Harry Bakker, Executive Director, Plant Operations
  • Sue Fraser, Retiree Association