Project brief

Celebration 2017 will seek student proposals for a creative and innovative design for a campus space that inspires and captures the spirit of the University of Waterloo community.

Student submissions must address the following design elements:

Design elements


  • Embodies the University’s commitment to high quality and innovation.
  • Celebrate Canada’s spirit of diversity and inclusion.
  • Acknowledge the local geographic, cultural and historical context of Waterloo Region.
  • Identify areas where interpretive, interactive or commemorative elements can be incorporated.
  • Consider continuity with the iconic presence of the campus gateway sign, which was developed as a result of the original I3 project.


  • Align with the University of Waterloo’s campus sustainability strategy by ensuring best practices of sustainability by quantifying implications for energy and resource use at the point of construction and through the lifecycle of the project.

​Existing Content

  • Acknowledge the vision established by the Campus Master Plan and build on its foundation.

Non-Motorized Access

  • Integrate the safe movement of pedestrians, cyclists and vehicles.


  • Include features that incorporate creative solutions to enhance visitor wayfinding.


  • Incorporate innovative principles and techniques that ensure physical, sensory and cognitive accessibility.


The site for the projected student space is the area surrounding the Arts Quad (south of Dana Porter to the Arts lecture hall).

angled aerial of the Arts Quad


The University’s contribution to implementing the winning design is $210,000. Teams seeking to introduce design elements beyond this amount would be responsible for securing the additional costs.

In addition to the project budget, awards will be given at different stages of the project:

  • $500 honorarium to each team (up to 10 teams) selected in phase one
  • $1,000 honorarium to each of the four finalist teams
  • $10,000 award to the winning team