On June 28th, 2017, everyone was smiling as the University of Waterloo Staff Association (UWSA). In celebration of the University of Waterloo’s 6oth anniversary and Canada’s 150th birthday, the UWSA brought the Heavenly Dreams Ice Cream Truck to campus, where it travelled around giving out smiles.

staff members with ice cream from UWSA Ice Cream DayThe ice cream truck made pit stops around main campus and along Ring Road where UWSA surprised faculty, staff and students when they arrived at the ice cream truck with tickets for a free ice cream cone. In a span of six and a half hours, 2,100 ice cream cones were handed out.

With blue skies overhead, the first stop was RAC2, where staff were gathered in anticipation of a cold treat coming their way. Onto the X Lot, where the UWSA and the ice cream truck was greeted by a long line of staff walking from the Optometry building, as well as a few friends from TechTown and the other buildings within eyesight.  Outside the Dana Porter Library curious students come up and ask what was happening, some of them with wallets in hand, only to be surprised when UWSA handed them a ticket for free ice cream. After many stops along the way, ice cream journey finished at EC3, where staff from all five East Campus buildings met in the parking lot and comradery and friendship was very evident.

lineup at UWSA Ice Cream DayStaff at the remote campuses including Architecture, Pharmacy and Stratford, didn’t miss out on the treats as ice cream was hand delivered to each location by volunteers.

The ice cream treats sure made June 28th one of the happiest workdays of the year!