Designing for Dementia and Personhood guide is now live!

Wednesday, June 1, 2022

Two stick figures shaking hands under the guide's title
So incredibly proud of our collaboration to create our new guide "Designing to Include Dementia & Personhood: A guide for designers and developers who are creating inclusive products for people living with dementia"! The guide supports designers and developers in making intuitive and ultimately more accessible products to a wide range of people. This guide was created by researchers, people living with dementia and user-interface professionals.

A massive thank you to my fellow creators of this unique guide for design to include dementia - Luna Kawano, Roger Marple, Ron BelenoMack WilsonJennifer KrulHilary Dunn-RidgewayTynan SearsArthena Caston, and Jay Reinstein - THANK YOU!! A testament to what collaboration between academics, industry professionals, and especially people living with dementia can do!