The Intelligent Technologies for Wellness and Independent Living Lab at the University of Waterloo brings together state-of-the-art computer science, engineering, rehabilitation science, and human factors methodologies to create internationally renowned intelligent assistive technologies for supporting aging and promoting independence and quality of life for older adults. 

Our research centres around the transdisciplinary execution of user-centred design practices to create innovative, usable, and useful solutions to large, complex problems.

Our goal is to create innovative, accessible technologies that simultaneously enrich the experience of aging as well as society’s perception of aging.


  1. Mar. 31, 2020ITWIL is seeking a Coop Summer Intern for a Full Stack Software Developer position

    The Intelligent Technologies for Wellness and Independent Living (ITWIL) lab invites applications to the position of Full Stack Software Developer for a Summer Coop Resaerch Intern position. We are seeking a 3rd or 4th year Bachelor’s student in Computer Science, Software engineering or a related field, or equivalent experience to support the development of CARE-RATE, which is a search engine plugin that leverages natural language processing and machine learning to optimize searches by asking questions based on a person’s search query to refine their search results.

  2. Mar. 6, 2020Dr. Boger named keynote for ISG2020!

    Dr. Jennifer Boger is excited and honoured to be presenting the keynote address at the 12th World Conference of Gerontechnology of the International Society for Gerontechnology (ISG). Her talk is titled “I am more than my vital signs! - Leveraging technology to support meaningful aging.”

  3. Feb. 6, 2020ITWIL students are the winners of the SYDE 3MT competition!
    Photo of Jen, Parya, and Surya

    A big congratulations to ITWIL’s Surya Neti, Parya Khoshroo, and

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