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The Intelligent Technologies for Wellness and Independent Living Lab at the University of Waterloo brings together state-of-the-art computer science, engineering, rehabilitation science, and human factors methodologies to create internationally renowned intelligent assistive technologies for supporting aging and promoting independence and quality of life for older adults. 

Our research centres around the transdisciplinary execution of user-centred design practices to create innovative, usable, and useful solutions to large, complex problems.

Our goal is to create innovative, accessible technologies that simultaneously enrich the experience of aging as well as society’s perception of aging.


  1. Oct. 7, 2019'Ethical by Design' headlines Waterloo Stories

    Thrilled that our collaborative work on 'Ethical by design' is today's feature in Waterloo Stories!

    We are currently engaging with people from many disciplines and sectors to refine the principles and prepare them systematic evaluation through a variety of applications. In the meantime, you can read the first version of the manifesto here:

  2. July 30, 2019Congratulations to our AGE-WELL award recipients!

    A big and well-deserved congratulations to our labmates John Muñoz and Sheida Marashi! Both are recipients of the prestigious, nationally-competitive AGE-WELL Graduate Student and Postdoctoral Award in Technology and Aging!

  3. Apr. 27, 2019Our 'Age-related changes impact on BCI' paper is the featured article in IEEE TNSRE!
    Screenshot of IEEE website showing featured journal article

    Delighted that our paper is the featured article of IEEE TNSRE's current issue!

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