Lab alumni

Amir Asghari

Research Intern

I am a second-year master student at Sorbonne University, engineering faculty in Sound and Image for Intelligent Systems, and I am currently doing my last year internship here, at the University of Waterloo, supervised by Professor Jennifer Boger and Ning Jiang. My work will be on the effects of aging and fatigue on brain Signals obtained with an EEG. I am interested in new technologies, and I like it more when it is used in human and health purpose, therefore I am doubly motivated for my work here and I really hope it will bring answers and solutions to humanity.

Ameneh Boroomand

Postdoctoral Fellow

My research focuses on design, implementation, and development of various computer vision, machine learning, signal/image processing and sensor fusion techniques for designing an integrated smart ambient technologies for aging applications.  A central theme to my research is the development of a smart ambient based activity detection and tracking system for falls detection/prediction in a cluttered environment with single/multiple occupants.

Mei Lin Chen

MASc graduate

I am a MASc candidate in Systems Design Engineering at the University of Waterloo, and completed a Bachelor of Health Science at McMaster University. My research focus is on using brain-computer interfaces for control and rehabilitation. Areas of application include: motor and music imagery, neuropathic pain management, and aging. Mei is passionate about translational research in applying engineering techniques in clinical medicine. In my free time, I am also a classical singer/performer.

Mahzar Eisapour

MASc graduate

I am a masters student in Systems Design Engineering at the University of Waterloo. I have earned my bachelor’s degree in software engineering. The goal of my masters' thesis is to design and develop an intuitive and engaging virtual reality (VR) exergame to promote physical activity for People living with dementia (PWD). 

I see myself part computer scientist and part user experience analyst. As a computer scientist my interests are developing new apps and analyzing data as a user experience analyst, I am interested in designing engaging user experiences. 

Thana Hussein

MASc graduate

I am a Master of Applied Science candidate in Systems Design Engineering. I work concurrently in the Advanced Interface Design Lab (AIDL) and the Intelligent Technologies for Wellbeing and Independent Living Lab (ITWIL). I have had an abiding, keen interest in human factors and my research interests and contributions focus on:
- User-interface (UI) Design
- Persuasive Technology (PT)
- Human-Computer Interaction (HCI)

Sean Lazaro

Undergraduate research assistant

Sean Lazaro is a biomedical engineering student who is working on a project to apply machine learning techniques for sleep monitoring, by analysing sleep data collected with an accelerometer-based wrist-worn device. By joining the ITWIL lab, Sean aims to apply the skills he gained as an engineering student and from his co-op experiences to aid in the development of technology that empowers users to take control of their health and enables them to improve their quality of life.

Terence Li

Undergraduate research assistant

I am a BASc candidate in Systems Design Engineering. I have worked on several design projects throughout my degree focusing on older adults and technology, from developing interactive games to medication management systems. I have developed a strong interest in exploring how to incorporate technology with older adults and caregivers, and seek to combine my software and product experience in this area of research. This term I am working under the supervision of Professor Boger in the ITWIL lab to develop user interfaces.

Ahmed Raza Malik

MASc graduate

I am an MASc. candidate in the Department of Systems Design Engineering. My interests are in biomedical engineering particularly wearable technologies, monitoring systems and ambient-assisted living. I am currently designing unobtrusive and zero-effort technologies based on ballistocardiography for cardiac vitals monitoring.

Sally Moon

Undergraduate research assistant

Hello! My name is Sally Moon, a UW biomedical engineering student working with Professor Boger's research in assistive technologies for the elderly. I am passionate about working with software, embedded systems and CAD design to develop transformative assistive products for people with disabilities. Day to day, I love to travel unexplored places, fancy ridiculous hackathon ideas, fiddle with new technologies and photograph every moment of it. Please check out my personal portfolio website for a sneak-peak into my latest passion projects and work experiences!

Sarah Pearce

MASc graduate

I am currently a second year masters student at the University of Waterloo for Systems Design Engineering. I am being supervised by Professor Jennifer Boger and Professor Ning Jiang for my thesis, which focuses on developing brain-computer interfaces for autism spectrum disorder. I have a variety of interests in user experience design, software engineering, and signal processing. I received my bachelor of Knowledge Integration in 2016. My bachelor's education focused on interdisciplinary collaboration and developing the soft skills required to facilitate large, complex projects.

Karan Shastri

MASc graduate

I am a Masters student in the Systems Design Engineering department at the University of Waterloo. My research and thesis, under the supervision of Professor Jennifer Boger, concentrates on developing computer-based tools and studying what happens when people develop mild cognitive impairment or early-stage dementia while still working. My interests lie in prototyping, UI/UX, human factors, and HCI. I completed my Bachelor's education in Computer Science and Engineering in 2017. I also serve as the president for UW's Human Factors and Ergonomics Society student chapter.

Anjali Thatte

Undergraduate research assistant

Anjali Thatte is an undergraduate student studying Biomedical Engineering at the University of Waterloo. She is currently working for ITWIL labs to test assistive technologies for senior citizens. Anjali's interests in this field include using technology to find better diagnostic tools for degenerative neurological disorders. In her free time, Anjali enjoys swimming and trying different cuisines.

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Jing Wei

MASc graduate

I’m currently a MASc student in the Systems Design Engineering Department. Under Dr. Boger’s supervision, I focus on building an innovative sleep monitoring wearable wristband that combines the traditional 3-axis accelerometer sensor and a temperature sensor. This system will not only be able to capture normal sleep-related parameters (onset, offset, etc…), but will capture the information regarding our internal circadian rhythms. I hope my research can deepen researchers’ understanding of both people’s external sleep patterns and the internal biological rhythms that make sleep happen.

Zi Zhang

Undergraduate research assistant

I’m a final year Systems Design Engineering undergraduate student with extensive industry experience in software development. I’m interested in the healthcare applications of the interplay between consumer software, data science, and systems modelling to improve the quality of life for the aging population. In my free time, I enjoy playing sports and pushing myself to run long distances.