Paying your tuition

Waterloo bills students once per academic term and you can find the tuition fees schedule online. Your fee statement will be available on Quest four to six weeks prior to the start of classes. It is your responsibility to ensure your registered status on Quest is "fees arranged" before the start of each term. Familiarize yourself with the due dates and late fees schedule for more information. 

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At Waterloo, being “fees arranged” means that you’ve either:

  1. Paid your fees in full, or
  2. Completed the promissory note process to advise Student Financial Services that you'll use approved financial aid to pay some or all of the fees charged to your account for the term. You'll find the promissory note process in the finances section on Quest.

There are two approved payment options to pay your fees from a bank outside of Canada. These options allow you to complete your payment in the currency of your choice which then converts into Canadian dollars.   

It's important to be fees arranged by the due date each term to avoid a late fee charge to your student account. Student Financial Services provides detailed instructions on arranging your fees.

Paying your tuition fees early

If your study permit application requires proof of payment of tuition fees, there are steps you can take to pay your tuition fees early. Start by using the student fee estimator. The estimator will generate a letter with the approximate amount of your costs. The letter will be sent to the email address of your choice with instructions on how to pay your tuition in advance and how to access a receipt for your payment.

    Exchange students

    If you’re an exchange student, you'll pay tuition fees to your home university. You should confirm the tuition fee arrangement with your university's exchange coordinator.

    Every term you study at Waterloo, you'll be assessed for incidental fees, which include health coverage under the mandatory health insurance plan. All fees are shown in Canadian dollars and subject to change. Student Financial Services will post your fees on your Quest account approximately one month prior to the beginning of term, and you must pay your fees before starting your term(s) at Waterloo.