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Our research focuses on innate immune cell development and function in aquatic vertebrates, how innate immune cells and molecules coordinate a response to pathogens, and how innate immune function is modulated when faced with environmental stressors.

Currently, we are focusing on the amphibian innate immune system and how environmental stressors influence the cells and soluble molecules that comprise this system, and thus the ability of amphibians to defend against emerging pathogens, such as Frog Virus 3 (FV3).

The goal of our research is to understand how these complex host-pathogen-environment interactions are contributing to the worldwide decline of amphibians.


PhD students (no funded positions currently available)

MSc students (no funded positions currently available)

Senior Honours Thesis students starting Summer or Fall 2018 (1-2 positions available)

All students should be highly motivated, dedicated, and independent. Students should possess problem-solving skills, excellent communication skills (written and verbal) and stage appropriate laboratory experience. Experience with cell culture, molecular biology techniques and/or immunology-based assays are considered an asset. If you are interested in joining the Katzenback Research group, please e-mail Dr. Katzenback and include your CV, transcripts and a brief statement of why you are interested in working in the Katzenback lab.

  1. May 18, 2017Maxwell Bui-Marinos wins Murray Fallis Prize for best oral presentation!

    Congrats to Maxwell Bui-Marinos for receiving the Murray Fallis Prize for best student oral presentation in the Parasitism, Immunity and Environment (PIE) section of the Canadian Society of Zoologists!

  2. May 1, 2017Welcome to Joseph Varga!

    The Katzenback lab welcomes Joseph Varga to the lab. Joseph completed his MSc at University of Guelph and joins the Katzenback lab as a PhD student.

  3. Feb. 16, 2017Congrats to Charley Peitzmeier for receiving an award!

    Congrats to Charley Peitzmeier for receiving a grant for Research Studies Abroad from the German National Academic Foundation (Studienstiftung des Deutschen Volkes)!

    Charley is a visiting scholar from University College London and is currently doing a research project on wood frog immunity in the Katzenback lab.

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