BIOL 309: Analytical Methods in Molecular Biology

An introduction to molecular methods used to analyze the structure of genes and genomes, including DNA sequencing, cloning, restriction mapping and bioinformatic tools. Techniques to monitor transcript and protein abundance, protein-protein and DNA-protein interactions will also be covered.

BIOL 441: Advances in Immunology

A survey of the recent advances in the vertebrate immune response; the cells and tissues of the lymphoid system; humoral and cell-mediated immunity; initiation and regulation of the immune response; the immune system and disease, emerging techniques used in immunology.

Interested in doing a BIOL 499 Seniors Honours Project?

Undergraduate students interested in doing a Seniors Honours Project in the Katzenback Lab are encouraged to contact Dr. Katzenback and provide a brief statement of interest, CV and transcripts. More information on the BIOL 499 program can be found on the Biology website.

BIOL 636: Advanced Immunology

Discussion of current advances in selected topics in immunology. The areas to be covered will include cell-mediated immunity, humoral immunity, comparative immunology, and other topics of current interest.

Previous courses

BIOL 341: Fundamentals of Immunology (2016-2018)

BIOL 441: Immunology (2015)