BIOL 499 Senior Honours Project

Biology 499 is a two-term research laboratory with a total credit value of 1.0. While other lecture or lab courses with 1.0 credit involve a minimum of six hours of participation per week, the time commitment for Biology 499 is less predictable. If you are considering taking Biology 499 based on the minimum number of hours required, you are likely not an appropriate individual for this course. Rather, it is for students who want to experience ‘real life’ science and the irregular time commitments and thrills involved. It is open to students who are entering their fourth year of the following programs:

  • Honours Biology
  • Honours Biochemistry
  • Honours Biomedical Sciences
  • Honours Environmental Science (Ecology)
  • Honours Life Physics (Biophysics)

Normally, only students attaining either a 73% or better cumulative major average, or a 78% or better major in their two most recent terms (normally 3A and 3B) will be accepted into this course. Biology 499 may not be taken by any students before they reach the fourth year of their program. Project must be done on campus and cannot be part of a co-op or USRA funded term.

The current BIOL 499 Course Co-ordinator is Dr. Susan Lolle

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