Professor Marilyn Griffith Senior Honours Project Excellence Award

This award, established by her colleagues in the Department of Biology in memory of Dr. Marilyn Griffith, is presented annually to recognize outstanding performance by an undergraduate student in a senior honours research project. During her distinguished career, Dr. Griffith researched how plants cope with cold temperature stress and at the time of her death, she was one of the world’s leading authorities in this area.


  • 2022 
    • Emilie Montreuil Strub “Acute effects of microplastic-contaminated biofilm on freshwater pulmonated snails- a widespread gateway organism to higher-level taxa"
    • Danielle Green “Effects of winter pulsed warming and snowmelt on soil nitrogen cycling in an agroecosystem: a lysimeter study”
  • 2021 Lixing Ma “The development of an in vitro eyeball model with a smooth tear film and a normal human’s tear break-up time”
  • 2020 Matthew Schmitz
  • 2019 Shalini Chaudhary
  • 2018 Bibi Sokeechand
  • 2017 Alicia Dubinski
  • 2016 Dustin Ammendolia
  • 2015 Akshay Gurdita
  • 2014 Daniel Kurtz
  • 2013 Paul Reginato
  • 2012 Michelle D'Souza
  • 2011 Sarah Hagedorn & Gary Tran
  • 2010 Fanxing Wang & Carolyn Chang
  • 2009 Lauren MacDonald
  • 2008 Emily Wendland
  • 2007 William Callery, Susan Usjak
  • 2006 Lynette Lau
  • 2005 Andrew Doxey