The Library and the W Store are working collaboratively to reduce costs, increase access to, and provide related services for, the distribution of course materials. Many traditional textbook publishers do not provide library licences or do not support digital reserves of etextbooks, notably Pearson, McGraw and Nelson/Cengage, however in some cases it is possible to replace individual purchase of textbooks, whether print or digital, with library eBooks or readings on the Library’s Course Reserves system.

If a print version is needed, please email the W Store at textbooks@uwaterloo.ca. They are distributing printed materials through their eCommerce store. 

If digital is an option, the Library can help. You can begin the request process with Course Reserves

Readings and Course Content

If you have a particular resource in mind…

You can begin the request process with Course Reserves

  • Your readings may be available digitally through existing library-licensed material, or through other sources such as the public domain or publisher’s material that is being made freely available during the pandemic,
  • Or a library licence may be required; Course Reserves will contact you to determine what will work for your class.
  • If costs are too prohibitive to be covered with a library licence, students will need to purchase materials from the W Store. They can determine if an eText or digital coursepack is an option. 

If you are exploring your options…

You can book a 1:1 consultation with your subject librarian who can help identify alternatives for your usual course material. Options may include:

  • Quality Open Educational Resources (OERs)
  • Existing library-licensed material
  • Purchasing new items, provided they fit the Library’s collection policy