Using advanced analytical methods to understand lipids and health

The Stark Lab has been a key contributor in the development of rapid fatty acid analyses for profiling the fatty acid composition of biological samples. Using these techniques, research from our lab has enhanced our understanding of how dietary fatty acids are metabolised, but also enabled researchers to assess dietary habits using fatty acids in blood.

Currently, we are developing and employing lipidomic approaches using mass spectrometry. We combine these analyses with various measures of gene expression for even more insight on dietary fatty acid and lipid metabolism. 

Many of our publications have been highlighted in the media. We also collaborate with researchers across the globe to link changes in fatty acids in lipids with health outcomes in large clinical trials.


Juan Aristizabal Henao received an Honoured Student Award, the Health and Nutrition Division Student Award and the Peter and Clare G. Kalustian Award at the 2018 AOCS Annual Meeting and Expo in Minneapolis, MN.

Dan Chalil and Jan Gunasingham were selected as finalists in the American Society for Nutrition poster competition at the Experimental Biology 2017 conference in Chicago, Illinois.