Elaine Ho

Elaine Ho
Elaine is a PhD student in the Social and Ecological Sustainability program in Integrated Water Management, based in the School of Environment, Resources and Sustainability at the University of Waterloo.

Elaine's current research under the Lake Futures initiative strives to co-design with key stakeholders a cumulative effects monitoring and management program for the lower Grand River and nearshore Lake Erie. One key component is understanding how engaging members of the public and local Indigenous communities may contribute to management priorities, solutions and deciding what to monitor/measure.

This research focus interests her because "it allows me to play in the space between social studies and science, acting as a bridge between the two, which is a fascinating space to operate within". 

She hopes this work will improve coordination and cooperation to address complex monitoring and management problems in the lake and river. She also hopes this work will contribute to strengthening partnerships between managers and scientists, the general public and local Indegineous communities in the long run.

Elaine is a certified Project Management Professional. She is the Researcher-in-Residence for Great Art for Great Lakes (2019-2020) and is serving as the women's representative on the international Facilitation committee for Action for Sustainable Development. Past work, volunteer, and research experiences include several Maasai community projects (health, gender equality, environment, and economic) in Kenya, geoexchange commercialization and renewable energy initiatives in Toronto, and numerous business endeavours in Toronto and in the Waterloo Region. 

Curriculum Vitae

Office: EV2 2046

Email: e23ho@uwaterloo.ca

Research website: Grand-Erie Study

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