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Lake Futures aims to deliver adaptive watershed and lake management solutions that minimize tradeoffs between lake ecosystems, water uses, and economic growth.

  1. Feb. 15, 2023Why small, isolated wetlands should be protected and not paved
    photo of wetland

    New research published from Nandita Basu, Principal Investigator, and Fred Cheng investigates why small, isolated wetlands should be protected. Learn more about the research by listening to Nandita’s interview on CBC's The Morning Edition K-W!

  2. Jan. 13, 2023Meghan McLeod defends her MASc thesis!
    Thesis introduction slide

    Lake Futures researcher Meghan McLeod successfully defended her MASc thesis. Meghan completed her thesis 'Modelling Legacy Nitrogen Dynamics in the Transboundary Lake Erie Watershed' under the supervision of Lake Futures PI Nandita Basu. Congratulations, Meghan!

  3. Oct. 5, 2022Back to the Future: Nandita presenting the annual Woo Water Lecture
    Photo of Nandita presenting

    Lake Futures Principal Investigator Nandita Basu was an invited speaker at McMaster University's 13th Annual Woo Water Lecture presenting 'Back to the Future: Managing Nutrient Legacies to Accelerate Water Quality Improvement'.

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