Lake Futures Researchers Attend the 2018 CGU, CSSS, and CIG Joint Annual Meeting

Thursday, June 14, 2018

The 2018 Canadian Geophysical Union (CGU), Canadian Soil Science Society (CSSS), and Computational Infrastructure in Geodynamics (CIG) Joint Annual Meeting was held in Niagara Falls, from June 10 to 14, 2018, and featured keynote speeches, plenaries, lectures, and posters from researchers around the world.

Lake Futures researchers were involved in the following sessions presented at the conference:

  • N.B. Basu, K.J. Van Meter, P. Van Cappellen. Landscape Legacies: Long-Term Nitrogen Trajectories in Human-Impacted Watersheds [INVITED]

  • M.-I. Samson, K.J. Van Meter, N.B. Basu. The urban metabolism of the Greater Toronto Area: a study of nitrogen and phosphorus across an urban, suburban, and rural continuum

  • K.J. Van Meter, P. Van Cappellen, N.B. Basu. Past, Present, and Future: Quantification of Long-Term Phosphorus Legacies in Canada's Grand River Watershed

  • M. Han, Juliane Mai, James R. Craig, Bryan A. Tolson, Etienne Gaborit, Konhee Lee, Hongli Liu
    Developing a Pan-Canadian Hydrologic Routing Network of Lakes and Rivers

  • B. Tolson, J. Bomhof, N. Kouwen. Robust Multi-Objective Calibration of a Semi-Distributed Hydrological Model

  • C. Wellen, M. Luymes, S. Rasiah, A. Pardy, J. Lee. Integrating Landowner Practices and Parcel Scale Information in Agricultural Watershed Models

  • A. Werenka, K.J. Van Meter, B. Tolson, N.B. Basu. Too Much Phosphorous: Is Investment in Biogas Plants a Viable Alternative for Water Quality Improvement?

  • D. Byrnes, K.J. Van Meter, N.B. Basu. Biogeochemical Asynchrony: Anthropogenic and Landscape Drivers of Nutrient Seasonality Across the Great Lakes Basin and Beyond

  • K. Lee, J. Craig, B. Tolson. How Correlated is Nash Sutcliffe Efficiency (NSE) To Model Utility? An Assessment Using Decision Crash Testing (DCT)

  • E. A. Amiri, J. R. Craig, E. Devoie. Controlling Factors on Lateral Permafrost Thaw in the Northwest Territories: A Numerical Study

  • C. J. Oswald, C. Wellen, G. Ali, C. Spence. Quantification of watershed-to-stream total mercury connectivity using a new mathematical framework [INVITED]

  • F. Cheng, N. Basu. Biogeochemical hotspots: The importance of small water bodies in landscape nutrient processing

  • J. Mai, B. Tolson, K. Kornelsen, D. Schäfer, N. Gasset, V. Fortin, M. Leahy, P. Coulibaly. Five Reasons Why You Should Know the Canadian Surface Prediction Archive CaSPAr

  • H. Liu*, B. Toslon. Explicitly accounting for climate and flow data uncertainty in hydrologic model calibration

  • E. Devoie, R. F. Connon, J. R. Craig, W. L. Quinton. Modelling controls on local talik formation in discontinuous permafrost

  • O. Volik, R. Petrone, M. Quanz, M. Macrae, R. Rooney, J. Price. Environmental controls on CO2 exchange along a salinity gradient in a saline boreal fen in the Athabasca Oil Sands Region

  • V. K. Sokolov, A. VanderZaag, J. Habtewold, K. Dunfield, C. Wagner-Riddle, J. Venkiteswaran, R. Gordon. Acidification of Liquid Diary Manure for Reduction of GHG Emissions

The complete program for the event can be found on the conference website.

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