Local Water Solutions in a Changing Climate

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

The University of Waterloo hosted the workshop Local Water Solutions in a Changing Climate on December 5, 2018. Almost 100 researchers, partners and knowledge users attended.

Panel discussion with leads from each of the five projects.After introductory presentations by each project, a panel discussion with leading investigators from each of the five projects was held to highlight the interactions among the projects (left to right, Nancy Goucher, Nandita Basu, Merrin Macrae, Fereidoun Rezanezhad, Kim Van Meter and Chris Parsons).

This workshop was a chance for five University of Waterloo projects, including Lake Futures, to connect with external partners and stakeholders to exchange knowledge. It was a very interactive event promoting one on one discussions between our UW researchers and knowledge end-users. The day started off with a brief introduction to each of the projects, followed by a self-guided tour through project posters, and ending with round table discussions.

Poster session with participants discussion research with our students.Poster sessions for participants to mingle and discuss research being done by each of the five projects. The posters were designed to be more visual with an emphasis on the research implications.

Our researchers had the opportunity to highlight progress that's been made since Lake Futures started, both during the opening presentation and the poster session. Then round table discussions gave the external organizations an opportunity to discuss how they are working to address water challenges, in order to improve collaboration between our researchers and partner organizations.

Afternoon round table discussions.Lake Futures and other project researchers engaging with our external participants in round table discussions.

Overall, the day was a success as new connections were made, knowledge was exchanged and synergies were created.

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