Sharing Sustainability Challenges with the Shad Program

Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Zobia Jawed was invited to give a Keynote Lecture to high school students in the Shad program at McMaster University. Her talk was titled, ‘Sustainability: A Complex World of Interconnected Challenges’.

In her lecture, she discussed the complex and interconnected challenges surrounding sustainability, and the need for collaboration to tackle these challenges.

"The key message is that we need to collaborate more with key stakeholders and break silos…"

Zobia’s key message is a push for more collaboration with stakeholders to develop tools to better understand and balance the ‘triple bottom line’ to maximize social well-being, environmental health, and economic gain.

In her talk, she used specific examples including algal blooms in Lake Erie to highlight the challenges that make decision-making so complex in sustainability, particularly those related to water. Zobia wrapped up her lecture by telling students about ongoing research on decision support tools to address some of this complexity in an era of global climate change.

Title Slide of Keynote Lecture

Opening slide of Zobia Jawed's keynote lecture on 'Sustainability: A Complex World of Interconnected Challenges'.

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