Librarian and Archivist Employment Handbook

The Librarian and Archivist Employment Handbook (Handbook) provides guidance on University of Waterloo policies and processes as they pertain to the professional development and career advancement of Librarians/Archivists. The Handbook applies to all ongoing University of Waterloo Library staff employed in positions that require a master’s degree in library and information science or its educational equivalent.

The Handbook includes information on such things as:

  • Recruitment and appointments
  • Positions and ranks
  • Promotion
  • Performance appraisals
  • Study leaves, research days, and professional development funding

Handbook revision history

The Handbook was first developed as the University of Waterloo Professional Staff Manual in 1980. It was revised in 1986; 1992; 2002, when the name of the document was changed to the Librarians’ Employment Handbook; and in 2010. 

The Handbook was most recently reviewed and revised in 2019 by the following Committee:

  • Lauren Byl, Copyright and Licensing Librarian
  • Jane Forgay, Liaison Librarian
  • Sandra Keys, Liaison Librarian
  • Sharon Lamont, Director, Organizational Services
  • Beth Namachchivaya, University Librarian (Chair)
  • Danielle Robichaud, Digital Archivist

Carolyn Vincent and Graham Yeates provided administrative support