About Math Innovation


Our mission is to advance the uptake of our mathematics and computer science research in problem-solving at all scales.


We believe that innovation can change the world by harnessing the power of new ideas for the benefit of society. Our vision is to see our mathematics and computer science research at the forefront of solutions for global issues.


  • We are committed to engaging our external partners in joint creation of solutions to address a range of challenges, from those that are facing us in immediate situations, to systemic causes of global issues
  • We aim to inspire and support researchers and students pursuing entrepreneurship as a pathway for problem-solving and impact.
  • We seek to empower social and environmental change through knowledge sharing, infusing the values of sustainability, diversity and equity into research collaborations.

Math Innovation represents over 260 lead researchers in six Departments/Schools, who champion research in everything from quantum computers and cybersecurity and privacy to environmental carbon modeling and personalizing cancer treatments. Beginning in 2020, Math Innovation is focused on three main pillars to bridge the gap between research, innovation, and entrepreneurship.


In the Faculty of Mathematics, Math Innovation brings the spirit of entrepreneurship to students, whether they’re founding a company, joining an established team or just seeking to learn more. MI is here to encourage and support the development of research-led startups, co-founded startups (between researcher & student), and student (graduate and undergraduate) entrepreneurship. Each semester, Math Innovation runs a Computer Science e-Capstone course, which is an opportunity for upper-year undergraduates and graduate students in Computer Science to take the initiative and develop critical entrepreneurial skills by solving a real-world problem they are passionate about. Support is available, through Math Innovation to obtain the necessary funds required for faculty and students to take their idea to the next step!

External Partnership

Math Innovation provides a link between Industry, not-for-profits, and the Faculty of Mathematics researchers, and is available to support both internal researchers and external partners who are interested in future collaborations. Math Innovation is available to create that initial connection, support project development and develop funding proposals to assist external partnership creation and success. Once a relationship is developed Math Innovation can help develop the funding proposals to so that you can start your exciting new endeavours!