Zero Experience

Zero Experience

Distinguish yourself by making a difference!

Powered by the Faculty of Math and Velocity, and open to all students, The Zero Experience is a bite-sized set of interactive workshops where you begin problem-solving on things that matter.

Discover, analyze, and begin solving problems affecting millions of people. Learn how to lead and inspire your peers. Craft an exciting early startup, research project, or career. Then dive deeply into what you want from your future.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a first-year or a grad student, and it doesn’t matter what faculty you come from. The Zero Experience will teach you how to stand out and leave an impact, no experience required.

Why participate in Zero Experience

  • Mindset Shift: become a problem-seeker and problem-solver
  • Skill Development: Build and hone your innovation skills, while expanding your self-confidence and leadership abilities
  • Network: Establish and grow your connections with peers and mentors, while gaining access to the Zero Experience alumni group
  • Asset Development: Receive a completion certificate, job leads, and diversify your resume

The Zero Experience applications are closed for this term! In this wildly popular online innovation programming built by UW students, join teams of peers to research and design creative solutions for globally urgent problems.