SkyWatch is a company that gives relief agencies access to its satellite image datasets to aid in surveying the damage and be able to efficiently coordinate a response and was founded by Roland Sing (BMath '85), James Slifierz, and Dexter Jagula in 2014 at a hackathon. SkyWatch has provided support during many disasters, including Hurricane Dorian and the collapse of the Brumadinho dam. 

SkyWatch co-founder and Waterloo Math alumnus Roland Sing

The main goal of SkyWatch is to observe the Earth in an accessible way, and today the company aggregates earth observation from industry leading sources to an easy to use platform to ultimately provide the clients with the ability to develop cutting-edge applications. 

Their products range from agriculture to insurance, and are even applicable and useful for environmental problems, such as to monitor the health of forests in guarding against invasive insect infestation. The future holds a lot of promise for SkyWatch, including the potential to hold stakeholders accountable for pollution. 

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