Alumni, Former PhD Candidate

Chris DeimertChris Deimert is now a research associate at National Research Council Canada. Chris earned his PhD degree in Electrical Engineering (Nanotechnology) under Professor Zbig Wasilewski's supervision in 2021. He joined the QNC-MBE group in January 2016 after graduating from the University of Calgary with a BSc in electrical engineering (minor in physics). He enjoys math and physics -- particularly their applications in engineering. During his undergrad, he explored using differential geometry to create better numerical methods in electromagnetism. In the MBE group, he studied intersubband polariton lasers.

Polariton lasers use a number of fascinating concepts from modern physics to improve on the conventional laser. Polaritons are quasi-particles that are part photon and part material excitation. Their properties, inherited from their component particles, make it relatively easy for them to form Bose-Einstein condensates. This is useful for fundamental physics studies, but it also allows them to release coherent laser-like light without the use of stimulated emission. In the polariton lasing mechanism, polaritons in a condensate decay from the same quantum state to release a coherent beam of photons. Because of this alternative lasing mechanism, polariton lasers boast extremely low thresholds compared to conventional lasers. Chris’s research focused on improved polariton laser designs which maintain the same low thresholds while yielding higher output power.

Chris grew up in the prairies of Calgary, Alberta. When he isn't working, he enjoys relaxing with his wife and two dogs. He also enjoys playing guitar and piano, and has even built two electric guitars.


University of Waterloo

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