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Milad EntezamiMilad joined the QNC-MBE research team in February 2022 as an Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) Ph.D. student to explore the development of innovative THz photoconductive antennas, particularly for sensing, spectroscopy, and communication applications. Milad received his M.Sc. degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Tehran, Tehran, Iran, in 2017. During his M.Sc. studies, he focused on developing and implementing a Microwave sensing system for emergency brain stroke detection. More than three years of collaborating with the Antenna Type Approval Laboratory of the University of Tehran gained him substantial practical experience in the wave propagation and antennas fields. He joined the Centre for Intelligent Antenna and Radio Systems (CIARS), University of Waterloo, as a Graduate Research Assistant in May 2019 to work on novel THz biosensors for early cancer detection. Milad’s research interests include a wide range of electromagnetic devices and systems applications.

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