About Nanotechnology

The Nanotechnology Graduate Collaborative program at the University of Waterloo is supported through seminars, student scholarships and funding opportunities, and research facility access, offered by the Waterloo Institute of Nanotechnology(WIN).

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Even before the program began in 2009, the infrastructure for a world-class graduate nanotechnology program was firmly in place at the University of Waterloo. The Faculties of Engineering and Science had extensive teaching and research activities in nanotechnology. Researchers were collaborating on modelling, design, processing, characterization and analysis of nanoscale properties and structures.

In the collaborative graduate Nanotechnology program, faculty, students and industry work together – learning, pursuing innovative ideas and research, and inspiring each other towards technological innovation, social benefit and economic growth.

Nanotechnology has an immense breadth of application and potential in many industries, including medicine, food science, environmental monitoring and control, electronics and energy production, to name a few. Our researchers are actively involved on all fronts.