The Chair is supported by the water treatment 'industry'. This includes providers of drinking water (cities, municipalities, regions, and private system operators), as well as consulting interests and manufacturers of drinking water equipment and products. The interactions between the Chair in Water Treatment and our partners is a two-way street with information flowing in both directions so that research can be relevant and important findings can be implemented into practice. Without the support of our partners, this research group would not exist.

Wherever possible, the Chair's research includes work performed at partners' treatment facilities. Staff of partners are involved in research projects, including being co-authors on scientific papers. Some partners provide equipment such as analytical instruments or pilot scale facilities to the Chair. The Chair also undertakes additional related research projects funded by agencies such as a provincial environment ministry.

Associated Engineering (AE)
City of Barrie
City of Brantford
City of Guelph
Hamilton Water
City of Ottawa
Durham Region
EPCOR Water Services
District of Muskoka
Oxford County
Lake Huron & Elgin Area Water Supply Systems
Niagara Region
Ontario Clean Water Agency (OCWA)
Region of Waterloo
Toronto Water