A community of forward-thinking and dedicated graduate students and undergraduate research students are essential to the practice-relevant research conducted by the Nutrition and Aging Lab. 

Volunteer research involvement

There are many opportunities to get involved in the fascinating research in the Nutrition and Aging Lab. A research apprenticeship (KIN 391) or volunteer placement is an excellent opportunity to learn from, and work in collaboration with skillful graduate students and researchers. Consider volunteering as our research apprentices and volunteers gain hands-on experience in data collection in the various research projects being conducted.

Graduate studies

Graduate students are the driving force behind the Nutrition and Aging Lab team. Students work collaboratively and learn in a encouraging, challenging, and inventive environment while having the opportunity and resources to conduct research. To learn more about graduate studies contact the Nutrition and Aging Lab team.

Professor Heather Keller is currently accepting graduate student applications for MSc and PhD programs.