Improving nutrition and health in hospitals, long term care and the community

The Nutrition and Aging Laboratory is home to a team of enthusiastic, dedicated, and innovative researchers. We enhance the health and quality of life of older adults in the community, in hospital, and in residential settings by studying how Mealtime experience, Meal quality, Meal access, and nutritional care can be improved.

Keller Lab group photo


Our lab’s research is focused on three key aspects:

  • Diet resilience through improving nutrition behaviours of older adults living in the community
  • Nutrition care processes of patients in hospital
  • Food intake and quality of life for older adults living in long-term care 


The Dementia Resources for Eating, Activity, and Meaningful Inclusion (DREAM) Research Team, led by Professors Laura Middleton and Heather Keller (UWaterloo) has developed an evidence-based toolkit designed to inform service providers and persons living with dementia and their care partners on rights and inclusion, dementia-friendly mealtimes, exercise, and more!