A standardized campus email system with enhanced threat protection

Motivation behind the change


  • The licence for our current threat protection tool (Proofpoint) was expiring providing the University the opportunity to review, assess, and select the best threat protection option (Cisco selected)
  • System audit recommendation to reduce non-IST servers/email systems that present risks to the University (to the extent possible)
  • Streamline end user support by standardizing email systems at the University (Office 365 email) and reducing dependency on legacy system, Mailservices 

Relationship to other Office 365 projects

relationship to other projects


Audience(s) impacted


Transition from Proofpoint to Cisco:

  • All campus users (receive email messages related to security threats)
  • Students will now have threat protection reviews for email

Reduction of non-IST servers/email systems: 

  • Departments running their own servers/domain routing email
  • Alumni and retirees who use Mailservices will be migrated to O365 email

Retirees and Alumni:

  • On-premises Connect accounts migrating to Office 365

Known impacts

known impact

Transition from Proofpoint to Cisco:

  • New or different messaging related to email security reviews

Reduction of non-IST servers/email systems: 

  • Departments that operate their own email servers will be encouraged to adopt Office 365 email and some people will need to complete some work to make this happen

Retirees and Alumni:

  • Some pre-/post-migration work


Benefits of the change


Transition from Proofpoint to Cisco:

  • Enhanced threat protection for campus email

Reduction of non-IST servers/email systems: 

  • Enhanced functionality, collaboration, and productivity opportunities provided with Office 365 email 

Retirees and Alumni:

  • Access to enhanced functionality available through Office 365 suite of apps and services; improved / streamlined end user support; enhanced security

Risk of not completing the change


  • No anti-malware solution in place once Proofpoint licence expires
  • Servers/email systems not supported by IST will continue to pose a security risk for the University
  • Significant difficulty and risk supporting complex legacy email system that has limited support available

Important date(s)

important dates

  • TBD: Migration of alumni email
  • 2021: Other project deliverables to be confirmed
  • June 2021: Migration of retiree Exchange (Connect) email (complete)
  • January 31, 2021: Implement Cisco Threat Protection for all inbound email (complete)
  • November 2, 2020: Implement Cisco Threat Protection for all outbound email (complete)

Project contact(s)