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Sports Vision

In this area of the clinic, all aspects of vision associated with sports performance are assessed, eye-hand coordination, eye-foot coordination, reaction time and vision strategy (how eye movements are used to collect relevant information in sport).  This clinic also assesses athletes’ needs for sport-specific spectacle or contact lens prescriptions.  For example, pistol shooters who wear reading glasses also need to see the sights on the barrel clearly (about 1m) but neither the distance correction (6m) or the customary reading correction (40cm) is appropriate.  The clinic is capable of determining an unique prescription for these athletes, to be worn while they complete.

This clinic is happy to accept referrals for sports vision assessments and sports vision training from other health care professionals.  The clinic makes referrals to external health professionals as required.

Sports Vision Clinic in the news

Waterloo optometrist helps get athletes’ eyes in shape


Members of the public, including the university community, can book appointments for sports assessments and sports vision training if they have had a full eye examination within the previous two years.  Athletes can book appointments for full eye examinations or contact lens checks (existing wearers) by calling the number below.

To book an appointment, please call:

519-888-4567, ext. 32395